Sometimes Very Close to Nothing at All
24 hour in situ Intervention (with Aidan Celeste)
In a soon-to-be-demolished house in Birzebuggia (southern Maltese coast)


Rooms on the south side of the house overlook the bay, those in the back have a view on the street. We make a camera obscura of every room in the house. We clean bits of the space, we combine there the memorabilia left behind.

 The building becomes semi-permeable: the two opposite views - that the house blocked from meeting since it was constructed - come closer together, cross the external walls and come to a wall’s-width distance between them. The building yields, concedes some of its material inviolability, some of its concrete physicality. In what is almost an intermediate stage (a passage of adaption, towards the house's demolition), the building is erased by light. Some days after, the two views, opposite from one another– the street and the sea, finally meet each other and dissolve in a single continuum of space.